Steve has served as a guest on several podcasts.

Here's the complete list, by category:







  1. Faith...I Doubt it! Episode 58 (Holy Heretics)

  2. From the Pulpit to the Psych Ward (Holy Heretics)

  3. Grace is Messy: Episode 18 (Reboots)

  4. From Pastor to a Psych Ward: Episode 38 (NYPP)

  5. Not Your Pastor’s Pulpit: 006 (NYPP)

  6. Don’t Be a Christian Dumbass: Episode 41 (Crackers & Grape Juice)

  7. Bad Theology, Mental Health, & the Church (MindShift)

  8. Reimagining Grace: Episode 4 (Reimagining with Brian Niece)

  9. Shame: A Big Gulp of Shut-up Juice (The Edge of the Inside with Todd Littleton)

  10. From Pastor to a Psych Ward: Episode 095 (Inglorious Pasterds)

  11. If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Shut the Hell Up: Episode 043 (Twisted Sisterds)

  12. On Suicide, Depression, and Messy Grace: Episode 73 (James Prescott)

  13. Amazing, Messy Grace: Episode 15 (R U Real?)

  14. The Shame of Religion: Episode 23 (Recovery Squared)


And don’t miss all of Season 1 of CXMH Podcast, when Steve Austin served as co-host with Robert Vore. Listen at